ArcheAge December Update Adds New Content, Brings In The Holidays


ArcheAge December Update Adds New Content, Brings In The Holidays.

MMOBEEP found out that ArcheAge has given players a bunch of brand-new things to do in-game recently but first, let’s start with the ArcheAge December Update brand new update that has just arrived. It has added a new siege, Chronicle quest, new housing content, and the third season of Naval Arena, named Stillwater Gulf.

This brand-new siege brings players to Growlgate Rangora and Freedich Island to take on Morpheus’s awakened forms, the King of Pirates and Rangora. This will tie into a 40-part Chronicle questline, Eternal Oath, which will feature two new bosses. Players from all factions also can unlock the adventure but will be restricted to parts designed specifically for their faction.

Housing brand-new zones have been added to community centers and trade routes, including new Aegis Island spots and in the Sungold Fields.

And if that’s not enough of new things for you to do, The ArcheAge site has four new updates, all stating some features related to the Winter Maiden Festival granted, two of those are marketplace updates. But there’s still Festival Coins to be received and all kinds of rewards for you to get

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