ArcheAge Asia Launchers A New Server With Garden of the Gods Expansion


ArcheAge Asia Launchers A New Server With Garden of the Gods Expansion. 

MMOBEEP has found out that while ArcheAge gains and its servers are not doing well in the western hemisphere, the game can still move along overseas. In the relatively new Southeast Asian region still below under the care of XLGAMES.

Players can seams enjoying the newly opened server and play the Garden of the Gods expansion (released last year) on its two existing servers. This last Thursday, we saw the Gene server open for Archeage Asia territory players, together with gifts that help players entering the server to level up their characters faster. 

Meantime, on the Nui and Taeyang servers, the Garden of the Gods expansion was released, bringing the world of Aurora and its various content updates to players. Meanwhile, the Gene server has the Hiram expansion content to dive into, including creating Dwarf and Warborn characters.

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