Apex Legends Legacy New Season Is Very Successful Though The Servers Had Some Issues At Start


Apex Legends Legacy New Season Is Very Successful Though The Servers Had Some Issues At Start.

MMOBEEP found out that Apex Legends has recently released the Legacy update, introducing Arenas, a brand new high-flying legend Valkyrie, contamination on the Olympus map, and some more stuff. All the brand new content has established to be remarkably popular, shifting Apex’s Steam popularity to hits the highest player count yet, just a bit under 300,000 players.

Those numbers would’ve been higher if players could actually play Apex Legends Legacy on release day. The game’s servers were struggling due to the high amount of players to the circumstance that Respawn Entertainment’s official Twitter account had to provide some updates on stability. Things were eventually fixed, and Respawn reported that “Apex Legends: Legacy has now been released.”

Respawn will also be highlighting the artistic offerings of fans with a pair of community-oriented initiatives. The first is called Community Created. Where Respawn will be picking artists among its community “to create, earnable cosmetic items varying from loading screens to weapon charms and even more.” These creations will be granted to players via Twitch Drops in a way yet to be announced.

Also, for the next ten weeks, Respawn will publish one comic about the Apex universe each week, created by members of the fanbase. The first is called “The Legacy Antigen – Prologue,” made by JEL. Respawn wants to compile all the comics in a single spot for easy viewing at some point soon.

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