Albion Online Will Be Starting up A new Server for the Asia Pacific Region this March

Albion Online

Albion Online Will Be Starting up A new Server for the Asia Pacific Region this March.

Albion Online will be getting a brand-new server with Albion East, serving as the Asia Pacific region server. This brand-new server will propose a fresh start separate from the Albion West server and should allow players in Asia to play with better connection and less ping. 

The brand-new server will Launch in March, but for now, a new trailer, “Coming to Asia,” humorously announces the brand-new server. Of course, when the server opens, everything will be totally fresh and untouched, with every player and guild starting from scratch. In addition, all events and seasons will be optimized and timed for the brand-new server. Yet, the most important benefit is having a closer server for more stable performance and lessened ping. 

In February, there will be a closed beta and a beta season with prevailing rewards that will begin February 20th, with exclusive access for those with Founders Packs. 

Throughout the closed beta, to get the data needed before the server officially releases, everyone partaking will gain automatic premium status, an allotment of 2000 Learning points, and some big progression prizes. These progression prizes, consisting of Fame and Resource boosts and item weight decrease, will apply automatically to all beta testers on this brand-new server. This should aid the team at Sandbox Interactive in working out any issues before they launch Albion East in March. 

While the beta will typically function as most betas do, there will be some permanent bonuses up for grabs that will continue beyond the server reset when it ends. In the Reveal of the new server, the team announced that there would be a Guild Season and Conqueror’s Challenge throughout the beta, with a three-week season. 

The top five ranked guilds will get custom guild logos, and the top guild of the season will perpetually get a custom gold statue placed in Albion East’s open world. The second and third guilds will also get statues. Players can also make themselves statues as rewards they’ll get when the server is back for Albion East’s official launch.

Sandbox Interactive is also hosting a Livestream Q&A on the brand-new server announcement. 

Find out more over at Albion Online.

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