Albion Online Starts Closed Beta for the Incoming Albion East Server

Albion Online

Albion Online Starts Closed Beta for the Incoming Albion East Server.

Albion Online is expanding, with the Albion East server set to open in a month on March 20th. The newest dev talk and blog have been released, and Game Director Robin Henkys talks about what to expect.

The closed beta will endure for three weeks. It’s created with a short beta guild season that will give a couple of rewards when the server officially launches, like statues. After that, the beta is made like a fresh start style experience, with many progression bonuses and adjustments, like a 66% decrease in resource weight, so everything is faster and smoother. 

Testing out the Brand-new server needs you to have the Founder’s Pack, so if you buy it and partake in the closed beta, an Arcanist Vanity Bundle will open when the server releases. This bundle will be available on both servers and opened for a limited time, exclusive to beta testers before it’s available for general sale.

The Albion East server will be released on March 20th to all, with a 5-day Early Access period starting March 15th for Founders.

Playing on both servers will still be viable once the Brand-new Albion East server is live so that you can anticipate the same model, free-to-play with premium optional, and servers available to all players. With some trouble over opening a brand-new server thinning out the population, the resumed availability of both servers to players worldwide might help soothe some.

The dev blog concentrates on the respective beta guild season, with info on the progression bonuses, the revised rules for the short beta session, and bonuses. Those unlockable statues that will continue into the Albion East launch? You can unlock up to three for PvE play, gathering, and achieving enough silver by the beta’s end. Guild rewards comprise of custom symbols in addition to statues.

Find out more over at Albion Online.

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