Albion Online Showcased Avalonian Weapons Coming With Rise Of Avalon Update

Albion Online’s newest Rise of Avalon update has a lot of content for players to expect this August, one crucial feature, is the Avalonian weapons, which recently been showcased on their post.

The post provided a more detailed description of the five weapons and also offered a preview of the featured weapon’s unique abilities. The Avalonian Spear, as an example, allows the player to lunge ahead, entirely immune for crowd control while dealing a significant amount of damage, and also to remove all buffs when the ability hits the target. The Avalonian Bow can shoot four big impact shots at the same time.

These weapons can be crafted using Avalonian Shards, which can be discovered in the world and the Roads of Avalon zone. The chance to locate Avalonian Shards will undoubtedly be increased when the brand-new update hits. The update will also transform the Destiny Board up a bit. The Fame demands will undoubtedly be readjusted too to make it sure that each artifact specialization node levels at the same speed as a regular node.

If your curious about what these new Avalonian weapons can do, you can find more info on the official site or get a look at some of the weapons gameplay in the video below.

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