Albion Online Season 11 Has Some Interesting Changes Upcoming


Albion Online Season 11 Interesting Changes Upcoming. 

There are some new upcoming adjustments to Albion Online Season 11. Here are some of the recent changes coming to the game. A new tier of the Crystal League is scheduled to be released soon and is called the 20v20 Crystal League. It will be like the 5v5 league, but the gameplay will consist of current city fights.

You’ll also have the ability to purchase 20v20 tokens at an Energy Manipulator for both level 1 and 2. If you remember the log-in process for the 5v5, the 20v20 process will not be so different. The match rule set and map layout will be like current city fights. Additionally, conflicts will happen less frequently.

The post also states that there will be a season point limit:

“This cap limits the amount of Season Points a guild can get from the Crystal League per day. This limit should make it less desirable to accumulate all the best Crystal League teams in one guild and instead create an incentive for these top teams to spread across various guilds.”

This season limit will depend on how many matches happened on that day. Anyway, the 5v5 limit and 20v20 limit will not be together.

You can also check out the full post here for more details on the upcoming adjustments.

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