Albion Online Rise Of Avalon New Update Ready On Test

Albion Online Rise Of Avalon New Update Ready On Test. 

Albion Online’s latest update, Rise of Avalon, is now available on their Test server.

The Rise of Avalon update, which is scheduled to arrive in August, is now available in their test server. This update is expected to include Roads of Avalon, Corrupted Dungeons, as well as Avalonian Weapons.

Most importantly, since this update will be on the test, the team wishes to hear your responses and observations of the update,

Whether you’re a solo, small group, or large group/guild player, we look forward to your feedback as we iterate and refine these upcoming features. To gather all your feedback on this update in once place, we’ve created this special forum section.”

If you wish to check out the test server and the Rise of Avalon upgrade, you’ll need to select “Staging” from the dropdown menu on the main launcher page. Just log in using you’re existing credentials, and you should be great to go.

Due to it being a test server, some language options will not be available.

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