Albion Online Queen Upgrade 4 Brings Improvements and also World Fixes, simplifies UI, and also polishes elite dungeons

Albion Online‘s Queen upgrade has introduced a brand-new age for the game itself in terms of player concurrency, but also in terms of hotfixes and patches as well as strategies. Considering that since the development turned out a month ago, we’ve seen the game count 350K month-to-month active players, add 3 hotfixes, strategy to cap alliances, then nix the strategy to cap alliances and change it with a different plan.

The Caerleon Realmgate statue has been revealed so you may want to go check that out if interested. Furthermore, Avalonian opponents, dungeons, and also armors see improvements:

  • Looks of Avalonian armor currently transforms based upon tier level
  • Overall polishing and enhancement of Elite Dungeon environments
  • More clear Avalonian enemy spell as well as spell location effects
  • Enhanced sound for Avalonian opponents and Elite Dungeons
  • Improved minimaps for all major cities, including their banks, Marketplaces, and also Conquerors’ Halls
  • Comprehensive streamlining and enhancement of loot, guild, combat area, and island relocation UIs

The complete patch notes are a lot more extensive and also cover solutions for hideouts and areas as well as more.

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