Albion Online Patch 5/6 Delivers Hellgates Updates, New Combat Adjustments, And Much More

Albion Online Patch 5/6

Albion Online Patch 5/6 Delivers Hellgates Updates, Combat Adjustments, And Much More.

Albion Online’s Call to Arms update was released back in March and introduced many brand new features. This newest patch, patch 5/6, continues to grow the content by conducting combat rebalancing, updates to Hellgates, and more.

When Call to Arms was released in March, it involved an update to the Unity Engine in extension to brand new mechanics like Faction Warfare, a brand new playable faction, Elite Faction Mounts, the Hellgate revamp, bug fixes, and even more.

The newest patch earlier this month brought even more enhancements to Hellgates. This newest patch 5/6, strives to create upon the product so far. And, yes, that involves Hellgates. Modifications to Hellgates this time consist of:

  • Hellgate minibosses now show on the map, so they may quickly be found and eliminated.
  • Replaced previous Hellgate boss icons to distinguish them from minibosses more efficiently.
  • Doubled radius at which Hellgate PvP chests will despawn if a player corpse is below or near it (chest has to be fully plundered before despawning)

Albion Online Patch 5/6 also introduces an enhanced and more extensive tutorial for Albion Online, adjustments to the mobile variants, modifications to Crystal League registration, and not-insignificant combat balances. These rebalance senses on axes, bows, cursed staves, hammers, quarterstaves, and armors.

For instance, here are the modifications to armors:

  • Scholar Robe, Royal Robe, Druid Robe: 80% → 150%
  • Cleric Robe, Fiend Robe: 70% → 150%
  • Mage Robe, Cultist Robe, Robe of Purity: 60% → 150%
  • Mercenary Jacket, Royal Jacket, Stalker Jacket: 150% → 150%
  • Hunter Jacket, Hellion Jacket: 140% → 150%
  • Assassin Jacket, Specter Jacket, Jacket of Tenacity: 130% → 150%
  • Soldier Armor, Royal Armor, Graveguard Armor: 200% → 150%
  • Knight Armor, Demon Armor: 210% → 150%
  • Guardian Armor, Judicator Armor, Armor of Valor: 220% → 150%

 You can read the full patch notes here.

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