Albion Online Outland Power Balance Will Be Releases In A Upcoming Update


Albion Online Outland Power Balance Will Be Releases In A Upcoming Update.

A brand new Albion Online update has been released. The update notes that the team is preparing to rebuild the open-world gameplay and will discuss those upcoming updates soon. The update also points out some community feedback, precisely power balance in the Outlands:

“The current strategic balance in the Outlands encourages large power blocks to form, and these power blocks, in turn, have an incentive to discourage conflict and raise a stable income by demanding rental payments from guilds under their protection. Enforcement of rental payments is possible due to the power blocks being extremely dominant in large-scale fights on the one hand and the difficulty of organizing enough groups to fight against a power block at the same time on the other hand. The risk of losing one’s Hideout – and the hassle that this comes with – is too high for many of them.”

To fix this, the team will be adding a brand new mechanic called Hideout HQs. This will guarantee more challenges from more substantial blocks. The update also introduces extra mechanics for the future update: tweaking colors and graphics, brand new level layouts, graphic improvements for mobs, and more.

You can take a look at the full update here. 

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