Albion Online New Plans Related To Alliance Sizes

Considering that the release of the Queen Update last month, Albion Online‘s developers have actually been handling a variety of concerns. Among these entails Alliances. Recently, the dev team introduced plans to test limiting Alliance sizes to 300 in order to fight the potential of larger guilds zerging in open-world PvP.

Since the news, the designers have actually made a decision to change the test due to issues that executing such a cap would certainly remove players from their alliances as well as guilds. The purge wouldn’t just impact PvPers but more laid-back players, collectors, and also traders as well. To represent this, a new plan has been introduced that instead of simply purging players from their existing teams, will make signing up with bigger alliances less eye-catching and also helpful to those looking to join.

The brand-new system will require maintenance on territories taken from alliances that hold 10 or even more areas. It will be paid making use of siphoned energy and also if it can not be paid on an area when essential, the owning guild will be required to drop it.

Another adjustment includes the introduction of a revenue fine applied to players based upon the number of areas held by their alliance that causes a reduction of silver and fame income for those with even more than 10.

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