Albion Online New Patch For Mobile Version Improvements

Albion Online New Patch For Mobile Version Improvements.  

If you play Albion Online on mobile, we’ve got some good news, patch five brought several changes to the mobile experience.

On mobile, a “Customized Button” can currently be added alongside the spell bar. This includes four customizable switches. You can set these custom-made switches in setups. For example, you can establish it to autoplay, party members, emotes, and much more. Remember, this switch is currently experimental, so anticipate some buggy abilities as they go.

The Black market saw some enhancements as well concerning selling. Additionally, the previous concern concerning split party loot is currently fixed. Relentless information is now added also which ought to assist crafters significantly.

Some general fixes were likewise added of as part of the path, consisting of:

  • The health increase for Demonic Shards in Corrupted Dungeons that was intended for Patch 4 is now live.
  • The combat log now displays combat data for mounted players.
  • Repair Tables can once again be placed in Expeditions.
  • Maxed-out specialization nodes now display the correct item power bonus.

You can read the summary here, or you can read the full patch notes here.

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