Albion Online Lands Awakened Brings Changes To Headquarters Hideouts And Power Core Mechanics


Albion Online Lands Awakened Brings Changes To Headquarters Hideouts And Power Core Mechanics.

As Albion Online’s upcoming Lands Awakened comes closer to being launched, it’s time to give a small recap on what we know so far. First, the update is primarily about motivating players to do more guild warfare. So it isn’t quite a surprise that the November 24th patch will be adding things for guilds to fight over. One of those things to fight over is the hideout power core, an item that randomly generates in the Outlands which can be captured and brought back to a guild’s HQ for some bonuses.

These brand new power cores are associated with another new system coming with Lands Awakened: the headquarters hideout. Guilds can make one of their hideouts an HQ and give it a name, which makes the hideout resistant to attacks from enemy guilds. Maintaining a hideout as a headquarters requires the headquarters to stay powered up, and that’s where the power cores come in. An HQ hideout location is essential, as particular high-quality zones will need more power cores, and when power runs low, the HQ becomes exposed.

Players can now create HQ hideouts by getting the required amount of Season Points in prior seasons, with higher ranks letting an HQ hideout be established in better-quality regions. For more details, you can take a look at the post or watch the video embedded below.

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