Albion Online iOS and Android Official Version Launches on This Summer


Albion Online iOS and Android Official Version Launches on This Summer.

If you’ve been waiting for the official mobile launch of Albion Online, wait no longer. Sandbox Interactive scheduled the release of Albion Online iOS and Android this summer officially. Pre-registration is accessible now.

This last year we observed constant work and updates to Albion Online. The Call to Arms update recently delivered many brand new features to the game, like the Hellgates Revamp. This Albion Online mobile version is set to introduce mobile-specific mechanics like completely customizable controls and HUD.

Additionally, there will be two separate control schemes from which you can choose. The mobile version will also be made primarily for a mobile experience and will accommodate multiple settings to change that experience.

Cross-platform play will also bring a prize in the Chimera Mount Skin. Anyone who logs on to both the desktop and mobile platforms after the mobile version launch will obtain this skin. This will change any tier Riding Horse into the Chimera.

Of course, pre-registration is accessible for the upcoming mobile launch. You may do so here. If you’re in Germany, you can playtest the mobile version currently. There is no official release date yet given for the mobile release. We have a “summer” window. In truth, this could be as quick as June or as advanced as September. 

You can get more details about the Albion Online mobile launch here. Albion Online has seen tense growth in daily average players as per a report from the end of March.

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