Albion Online Introduced The New Patch 15 Mount Changes

Albion Online Introduced The New Patch 15 Mount Changes.

Albion Online  newest patch 15, has made several changes as follows:

 If you have been forced to dismount your horse, you’ll be “cleansed” along with obtaining a short-term immunity for crowd control. This is done to protect you for a short time due to the Perma stun.

The top speed of base Mounts has been increased, while the moment you start to gallop has seen a mild decrease. The high rate of speed mounts has been decreased.

The new changes are:

  • Players who re-queue for a zone after being removed via the Smart Cluster Queue are now immobilized to prevent the queue from “dropping” them.
  • Chests updated in T8 Undead World Boss zones (Unhallowed Cloister, Black Monastery, Deathreach Priory, Camlann)
  • Most AoE spells cast by mobs in Hellgates no longer trigger damage reflection.

The patch also brings many changes, including modifications to some areas of effect spells cast by crowds.

The patch brings several bug fixes as well. You can read the full notes for Patch 15 here.

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