Albion Online Hunter Challenge Hotfix Addresses Issues


Albion Online Hunter Challenge Hotfix Addresses Issues. 

The team at Albion Online has found some problems with their Hunter Challenge event. Luckily, a hotfix was released yesterday to fix these problems. The hotfix was released during maintenance yesterday, and here’s was included.

The Hunter’s Challenge is an event currently underway starring multiple world activities. Of course, finishing these activities will let you obtain particular rewards. One of the bonuses is the Black Panther mount (not the superhero). The mount comprises a speed boost spell that will buff movement speed.

Some extra prizes involve an avatar ring. This avatar ring is adequately a border for your avatar and brings with it a hunting theme. Sadly, this is where one of the problems originates from. It seems that the icons for some chests and also including the avatar ring, are invisible while the popup screen is on. This makes them unclaimable.

To that end, the Hunter Challenge hotfix includes the following:

  • For desktop clients (Windows/Mac/Linux), the problems will be fixed, and you will be capable of seeing and obtain all the prizes you’ve unlocked, even if you attempted to get them when they weren’t not operating correctly previously.
  • For mobile users, the icons sadly remain invisible. Nevertheless, this is purely optical, and you could be able to obtain these items. We will fix the visual problem as soon as we can and keep you informed.

Albion Online has seen its community regularly grow during 2020. A recent article noted that the standard number of daily users for the game has risen past 140,000. Just recently, the following patch for the Call to Arms update was launched. This Call to Arms Patch 2 delivers many fixes, along with a moose mount.

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