Albion Online Hellgate Rewards Increased In The Call to Arms Patch 8


Albion Online Hellgate Rewards Increased In The Call to Arms Patch 8.

Just recently, Patch 8 for Albion Online had been launched. This update brings a rise in bonuses to lethal Hellgates in annex to multiple quality of life enhancements.

Hellgates are changed in nearly every update for Albion Online. Back in April, Hellgates got some updates to make them more convenient. They also got various tweaks and enhancements in May and June.

This patch, Call to Arms patch 8, raises Albion Online Hellgate rewards. The goal here is pretty straightforward, with rates of chest loot raised like this:

  • 2v2: +10%
  • 5v5: +20%
  • 10v10: +30%

This Albion Online update also offers marketplace notifications in a concise manner. The goal is to make them more significant and less intrusive, now only appearing when a buy or sell order has been filled or expired. In addition, these notifications will now include a summary of sorts for the associated transactions, hopefully decreasing clicks.

Some other quality of life enhancements and changes include:

  • Balance adjustments to Axes and Maces
  • Faction Warfare: enhanced feedback when taking Outposts, and Outposts no longer capturable while mounted
  • Corrupted Dungeon tutorial popup no longer shows each time a brand new dungeon is accessed
  • Various localization, animation, and terrain fixes

You can read the highlight of the update here. The full patch notes talk about the combat balance adjustments to axes, maces, faction warfare advances, and some more general fixes such as:

  • Fixed a non-functional button in the Gold Market UI
  • Fixed a problem where the Average IP is presented incorrectly in the Party Finder
  • Fixed a problem where Lunging Strike (all Spears) could hit the very same enemy twice if said enemy was in the ability’s hitbox, left it, and re-entered.
  • Fixed a problem where the December 2021 Adventurer’s Challenge was mistakenly displayed as a former challenge
  • Further graphical, audio, UI, and localization fixes
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