Albion Online Hellgate Improvements Released On The Latest Patch


Albion Online Hellgate Improvements Released On The Latest Patch.

Albion Online’s Call to Arms patch has undergone some balancing, introducing some enhancements to Hellgates and some balancing for the combat system. 

Hellgates are a feature in Albion that presents both a PVE and PVP encounter for players concurrently. These Hellgates are where players would fight over a dungeon facing another team with the purpose of obtaining the rewards for their team.

As such, this content grows on the prizes you obtain and the state of the matchmaking system. Albion has changed both, changing the rewards beyond every Hellgate mode and taking off the matchmaking setbacks when playing in chained Hellgates. Players will also see that health and cooldowns will reset after an intrusion. Even if you did not or you did take part in the PVP features of the Albion Online Hellgate.

Albion’s combat designer states that combat was also balanced in this patch, focusing on “reducing the dominance” of specific items.

“This patch aims to bring a wider variety of healing staffs into the meta while reducing the dominance of certain items in specific content, like Dagger Pairs in 2v2 Hellgates and Quarterstaffs in Corrupted Dungeons. Sustain damage provided by the ax line is also reduced to bring them more in line with other melee weapons. This patch also offers reworks of abilities that have been out of the spotlight recently.”

You may take a look at all of the adjustments made with yesterday’s patch on the official Albion website for more details. Also, if you didn’t know, the Morgana challenge has come back to Albion Online this month, and the MMO is also arriving to mobile this summer.

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