Albion Online Hackers Are Banned Including Their Alt Accounts


Albion Online Hackers Are Banned Including Their Alt Accounts. 

These last few days, Albion Online’s Community Manager Mytherceria went to Reddit to reply to several people protesting against the number of hackers in the game.

The Reddit post showcased multiple different hackers, some of which even streamed their own hacks without fear of consequence. After answering several posts presenting evidence, Mytherceria concluded with evidence that the team is working on specialized tools to deal with hackers, although more information wasn’t given:

“Hey, all hackers and their alt accounts are being banned. We can’t reveal too many details about this as we’re working on the case. On top of that, we are always working on optimizing our tools for identifying and banning such hacks. If you’ve come across one of these hackers in-game, please write to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) so that they can look into the report and assist you further.”
– Mytherceria, Community Manager, Albion Online

The team has also been working on stopping Albion Online hackers and RMT sellers for the last few months. The team has removed more than 3200 accounts for selling currency. 

Albion Online also has yet another huge game update coming soon. The Call to Arms will be coming to the game on March 17th, with a brand new playable faction, a renewed faction warfare system, and much more to expect.

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