Albion Online Guild Season Will Start Again On June 19


Albion Online Guild Season Will Start Again On June 19.

Albion Online guild season will start on June 19 and indicates many rewards, one of them being the brand new Phalanx Beetle. If you want to partake, here are some things you’ll need to know. The Phalanx Beetle is a walking fortress. Notably, it converges on defensive warfare, which implies stalling the enemy. It can also fire off a volley of arrows and spears from a rearview.

If you’re pondering about acquiring this phalanx beetle, you and your guild will need to obtain Silver Rank or higher throughout Season 13’s competition. Also, you’ll have to make sure you get higher and more eminent stats with every successive tier.

If you’re a member of a winning guild, you’ll all obtain a statue to stay beside former guild season rewards in the Conqueror’s Hall. In addition, if your guild passes, you’ll earn bonuses like an avatar and avatar ring, a Fame Boost, and more.

Season 13 introduces multiple changes to the mix. Mainly, you’ll earn double the fame for eliminating Siphoning mages and open world mobs. Season 13 will also introduce two brand new enemies, the Treasure Drone and the Crystal Spider. Furthermore, the gathering system has seen a boost for more reliable resource enchantment valuations. Castle Output chest loots have multiplied. You can take a look at the full details for Season 13 here.

In similar news, the Knight Challenge has arrived for the whole month of June in Albion Online, so you have lots of time to hop in and obtain some rewards. 

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