Albion Online Guild  Player Stole Billion Of In Game Assets

Albion Online Guild  Player Stole Billion Of In-Game Assets. 

In some severe Albion Online drama, it looks like a guild that had more than 1 billion worth of in-game items was stolen by a single player.

We heard about this from Reddit. The victim guild, in this case, is a guild called Fricks. According to Reddit, the guild officers realized they had been stolen from at the same time the supposed robber, a player called Huhfesstus, left a message on Discord saying that stealing from Fricks was his goal all along:

Just in case you didn’t know, Fricks is a guild that is focused on helping new players, and also evidently, it’s been around for quite a long time. As Reddit notes, Huhfesstus had previously shown “suspicious habits” formerly. The guild’s GM, Ventus, has claimed that the overall in-game possession loss is currently over 1 billion. And also, the guild is still undergoing the damages to find out exactly how much was lost.

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