Albion Online Forum Alert Database Was Breached Safety Precaution Recommended


Albion Online Forum Database Was Breached, Safety Precautions Recommended. 

Are you a user of the Albion Online forum? If you are, you’re going to want to be alert because of a shared thread posted last Saturday. It talks about how a part of the forum’s database has been breached, with the intruder gaining access to user emails and passwords. No payment information was leaked, but those with particularly weak passwords could see them broken by the unknown breacher.

According to Sandbox Interactive, the vulnerability used to breach the database has already been sealed. A bunch of system checks are being run to ensure the integrity of the game’s systems. The devs will be running a full security review of all back-end systems to ensure everything is safe.

Also, the Devs strongly recommend changing your passwords. And even as an extra precaution, if your password for the forums happens to the same password for other games or emails, you’ll likely want to change all of those passwords as well.

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