Albion Online Energy Surge Season Starts On September 25


Albion Online Energy Surge Season Starts On September 25.

The Albion Online Energy Surge Season will be starting on September 25. You can expect to obtain brand new rewards from this upcoming season, and if you didn’t know, HQ Hideouts were also being talked about on the last dev talk. These hideouts will be the brand new place for guilds to chill and will stay invulnerable to attack. 

To take these hideouts for your guild will be based on total season points gained throughout this brand new Energy Surge season. it works as follows:

  • Quality 1 zones (external ring of Outlands + all Roads of Avalon zones): 10,000 Season Points
  • Quality 2 zones: 20,000 Season Points
  • Quality 3 zones: 40,000 Season Points
  • Quality 4 zones: 80,000 Season Points
  • Quality 5 zones: 120,000 Season Points
  • Quality 6 zones (central circle of Outlands): 200,000 Season Points

Awards will be given to those scoring the highest points during the season, like the Tower Chariot battle mount if your guild enters Silver Rank or higher. In addition, you can also gain Crystal, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Energy Surge Season avatars if you obtain a Bronze rank or higher.

You can also look at the whole list of prizes, plus what for Albion Online in the Energy Season here.

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