Albion Online Dev Talks About The Roads of Avalon Update

Albion Online Dev Talks About The Roads of Avalon Update

The latest Albion Online Dev Talk talks about the Roads of Avalon ahead of the Rise of Avalon update, which will be released in August.

Dev focuses specifically on the Roads of Avalon, which is described as a system to increase the world introducing new ways of traveling, expedition, as well as settlements.

The dev. team published a video clip below, in addition to a written summary.

You’ll have the ability to travel throughout Albion and also discover the continents and find resources. Also, you have a choice to live in a new area away from the Outlands. The team describes this as an idea for small groups of players.

If you wish to use these roads, you’ll need first to find a gate to Avalon. These gateways have a cooldown and can only support a few players at a time. Taking this gateway will undoubtedly help you to travel to Avalon. You can use the roads to find shortcuts, locate Outlands zones, trade, and much more.

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