Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 7 brings changes to resource gain rates to debuffs to zergs


Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 7 brings changes to resource gain rates to debuffs to zergs.

Albion Online continues to get tons of updates, likes its mobile launch a few days ago, and yesterday was patch day but don’t get your hopes up. It is not the promised massive open-world update. That will arrive later this year.

Yesterday’s patch, Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 7, is centered on prepping the game for competitive games in its upcoming Guild Season 13. Distinctly, Sandbox Interactive has changed castle layouts and spoils, the 20v20 league schedule, the zerg debuff, corpse looting, combat stability, and brand new bosses.

“The spawn rate of enchanted resources has increased, with rare resources doubled and unique resources quadrupled. As a result, resource transmutation prices have been increased, as has the respawn rate of all T5+ resources in the open world. At the same time, transmutation prices for Runes, Souls, and Relics have been significantly reduced to make high-level Artifacts cheaper to craft and more accessible,” the studio says. “Other mob changes include world boss spawn times being doubled to two hours, as well as double Season Points for killing world bosses and double Fame for all open-world faction mobs and Siphoning Mages.”

Also, this weekend, Season 13 of the Guild’s season will begin.

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