Albion Online Caerleon Faction Will Be Released With The Call to Arms Update


Albion Online Caerleon Faction Will Be Released With The Call to Arms Update. 

Albion Online has been all over factions this past few weeks. Today, there will be yet another sheet of information being shown for the upcoming Call to Arms update, with the appearance of Albion Online Caerleon faction, the sixth faction coming to the game when said update releases.

The new faction comes from the city of Caerleon, and in the folklore of Albion, the city has grown into a home to multiple bandits, smugglers, rogues, and mercenaries. The Council of Caerleon has determined to join the war amidst the other cities to benefit from the situation.

What makes the Caerleon faction genuinely different from other factions is its unique playstyle. Other members of the same faction can kill one another, and captured Faction Outposts and regions turn into bandit camps with no defensive value whatsoever. Still, they do provide direct profit to the player. Of course, this does bring the additional line of one bandit group growing too powerful, which state players will require to bring them down. Of course, the Caerleon faction has various diverse rewards such as other factions, unique mounts, and access to Trade Missions that are more profitable than those of other factions.

Finally, the post unveiled a new Bandit Assault daily event. All factions will lose command of all of their red zone regions and outposts to bandits and be required to retake them for a large reward to be paid out to faction players who have retaken the most significant amount of regions. This event occurs at different times of the day, and Caerleon faction members cannot directly take join in, though they can utilize the event as a means to tackle other players and steal their stuff.

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