Albion Online Brimstone And Mist New Update Coming This October 21

Albion Online Brimstone And Mist New Update Coming This October 21. 

Albion Online is scheduled to get a new update on October 21 called Brimstone and Mist. This update will bring new enemies to Corrupted Dungeons, more fishing adjustments, balance changes, and many more. The new corrupted enemies in dungeons will include the new boss called the Demonic Harbinger, described as a sword-wielding demon general.

New demons, corrupted heretics, and hellhounds are also included. Also being added are new spike and lava traps, plus new enemies such as demonic warlocks and demon lords. Roads of Avalon are getting an update as well, receiving full integration for fishing. You’ll now be able to fish on the roads of the Avalon Zone. Three are new fish introduced, including the Whitefog Snapper, Clearhaze Snapper, and Puremist Snapper.

Combat balance adjustments are being included as well in Albion Online Brimstone and Mist, they will alter group PvP. Michael Schwahn, the Combat Designer said,

“This balance patch mainly focuses on Crystal League, and ZvZ fights, and especially on improving various abilities and items which have been underperforming recently. Other changes include adding the Harpoon ability to all spears via the W-slot and giving the Spirithunter a new E-ability.”

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