Albion Online Balance Patch Brings One The Players Most Requested Feature

Albion Online Balance Patch Brings

Albion Online Balance Patch Brings One The Players Most Requested Feature. 

Albion Online‘s just got their first update of the year 2021 and will be arriving this month. Patch 13 is an Albion Online Balance Patch that delivers several changes to fix the meta in Corrupted Dungeons. This includes changing combat balance values and adding a new ability for maces and renewing combat abilities. The idea is to enhance small group PvP significantly around build balance.

The patch also adds an excellent quality of life feature, the “Use All” button. This is obviously the most demanded feature in player feedback. The other significant addition is granting players the ability to set Hideouts owned by their guild or Level 3 guilds owned by their alliance as a “Home.”

Patch 13 will be released tomorrow, February 2nd, but that’s not everything players should look onward to. The Call to Arms update will begin public testing in mid-February and introduce the next stage of faction warfare and improve Hellgates. If that’s not enough, the update will also improve graphics, add new tooltips, and more. The full summary on Patch 13 and Call to Arms can be located on the Albion Online site. The video below also contains a full summary.

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