Albion Online 2020 Retrospective And Some New Plans For 2021


Albion Online 2020 Retrospective And Some New Plans For 2021.

The devs at Albion Online had taken a retrospective look at the game’s 2020 in a recent post as they looked at the different content and features that came for the game.

The Albion Online 2020 Retrospective began by touching on the Queen Update, which was the most extensive content release since its 2017 launch. The Queen Update brought new outlands, hideouts, open-world territory battles, the Crystal League, elite dungeons, Avalonian armor, and wardrobe skins.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic dominated 2020, which saw the game experience an increase in player numbers as everyone began to quarantine and play games. The team also began operating at home.

Summer saw anniversaries, updates, and a new tournament. These updates also consisted of the Roads of Avalon, Corrupted Dungeons, Avalonain weapons, Chinese and Korean language support, and more extra stuff. Autumn saw the Brimstone & Mist update, enhancements to the game’s mobile version, and a continually expanding player community.

As to what’s ahead in 2021, the team teases some big things.

“Faction Warfare will be completely reworked, offering new activities, rewards, and fair and challenging large-scale battles for beginner and veteran players alike. Hellgates will also be completely re-envisioned, with varied layouts, challenging PvE, rebalanced PvP, and a new 10-versus-10 mode. At the same time, Loadouts will allow players to save their favorite gear combinations for re-gearing and Marketplace purchases.”

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