Albion Hellgates Receive Improvements In The Latest Patch Including Making Them More Available To The Players


Albion Hellgates Receive Improvements In The Latest Patch Including Making Them More Available To The Players.

Albion Online’s recently released hell gates as a portion of last month’s Call to Arms update has been a cause of some complaints about some players in the community. Sandbox Interactive has received feedback from players related to the brand feature and, with today’s patch, discusses some of the problems, including the convenience of the feature.

In today’s patch, Albion Online sees tweaks to hell gates, growing on several of the problems the team gathered from players since its launch in late March. The patch notes, as well as the following blog post on the Albion website, go into detail on what this implies, including seeing more conforming matchmaking, as well as overcoming many of the barriers of entry, ensuring that the content is more convenient to players “without breaking [player’s] banks.”

The patch also changes rewards for the Albion Hellgates content, with base loot being improved for most cases across all hell gates.

“Finally, we’ve reviewed the rewards for Hellgates and made some significant changes to provide even more incentive to explore the depths of Hell. The base loot has been tweaked slightly, resulting in minor changes across all hell gates. In very few outlying cases, the base loot was slightly reduced, but in the vast majority of these cases, the base loot was increased.”

Albion’s developers said that this should result in a “significant increase” for awards in all hell gates, particularly the 10v10 hell gates. The team has also adjusted the PvE component of the hell gates, indicating that non-player enemies make up a significantly less part of the adventure, indicating the PvP aspect of hell gates.

Hellgates weren’t the only thing to be adjusted in this week’s patch, as Faction Warfare, Guild and party chat, and the regular combat stability changes you can anticipate from a patch just happened. You can take a look at the full patch notes on the Albion website for more details.

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