A Brand-New Trailer and Last-Minute Changes for Gloria Victis Before the 1.0 Launch Tomorrow

Gloria Victis

A Brand-New Trailer and Last-Minute Changes for Gloria Victis Before the 1.0 Launch Tomorrow.

MMOBEEP found that it with it almost being time for Gloria Victis to leave Early Access and launch 1.0. Black Eye Games’ Medieval MMORPG will be releasing tomorrow, and with it, a Brand-new trailer and last-minute Changes as the team nears release.

After multiple reworks and modifications, especially over the past year, the game is ready for a public release. Over that time, the map was redrawn, starter cities were moved around, graphics, lighting, weather upgrades, and much more. So if you’re excited to launch a brand-new endeavor for conquest, the brand-new servers will release at 3 PM UTC. In addition, there will be Legacy servers for existing characters and New Beginning servers for those that want to start anew. 

Some final updates today have been prepared for tomorrow’s 1.0 launch. Fittingly, there will be a brand-new Glory Season at launch. Today is the last day of the previous season, and tomorrow is a fresh start. It also means a brand-new season. If you have some leftover Nation points, you can bestow them to your guild today only because every individual’s points will go back to zero as of tomorrow. 

Also, in today’s update is a brand-new crafting window UI with better visuals and other modifications. The brand-new crafting UI has two slots for recipes to see the ingredients you are crafting with before you craft. There’s also revised info on the chance of success more easily. 

You’ll also be able to do some bulk crafting of 10 in one stack. This will take as long as making ten separate items to be more unbiased, but you can set them up more quickly. The team planned to revise crafting quests and have them prepared for launch, but they ran into a problem and will launch this later on the quest board system.

Read the full update info ahead of tomorrow’s launch over at the Gloria Victis Steam page.

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