Masters of The Arena PvP Tournament Qualifications Started

Qualifications have started for Guild Wars 2′s tournament called Masters of the Arena! The cross-region eSports event for North America and also Europe is organized by ArenaNet partner MightyTeapot. Solid PvP gamers are being contacted to participate and to win amazing rewards.

6 groups from both regions will certainly compete in 5v5 games. All qualifying groups to compete will obtain in-game gold. The top groups will obtain cash rewards and also incentives in-game.

How to Qualify

Teams qualify by playing in the monthly Guild Wars 2 automated tournament. The top six teams from each region will qualify to play in the regional finals, and the top two regional teams will progress to the global finals.


  • March 28, noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
  • April 25, noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
  • May 23, noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)

Regional Finals

  • June 5-6 (times to be announced)

Global Finals

  • June 7 (times to be announced)

For guidelines as well as information, see the MightyTeaPot website. You can view the fights out on

The event starts on June 5th!

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