Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box Event is ON!

Back in 2013, Guild Wars 2 released an April Fools’ Day patch so legendary everyone was talking about it. Yes, I’m speaking about Super Adventure Box Event, which is online today in the game after a little bit of hold-up, however without a new World, just new tricks to locate in Adventure Box, a new meta accomplishment incentive and a new set of weapons to gather. Oh, and also an exceptionally outstanding pixelated Super Adventure Box-themed raptor skin.

“Tyria’s bounciest celebration returns on April 14. Get ready for Super Adventure Festival! Asura genius Moto is the creator of a spectacular virtual world filled with educational opportunities, fun adventures, and spike traps. Once a year, he opens his Super Adventure Box for a round of rigorous gameplay testing, with special rewards for supporters. If you enjoy jumping puzzles and exploring, the Super Adventure Box is your playground.”

This year the funny, platformy event will certainly run an extra week this year, till May 12th.

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