Guild Wars 2 No Quarter Update Coming May 26

Guild Wars 2 No Quarter Update Coming May 26, the next phase of Guild Wars 2‘s tale will be called No Quarter, and also while it will not have any voice acting, it will certainly have a lot of activities. A charr civil war is raving, and it will be up to the gamers to deal with the fights in the new area, and also maybe even work out a cease-fire.

The brand-new location is the largely wooded Drizzlewood Coast, which features a map-wide event that has players battling along the front lines of the battle and trying to take the region from Dominion armies. They’ll be able to capitalize on United Legions Waystations, making use of a new Mastery that will certainly give “unique action skills.”

There’s additionally a brand-new strike, Cold War, two new weapons sets Tengu Echo and Stormcaller, as well as a four-piece armor collection influenced by the ritualistic attire of Norn Bear shamans. That armor set looks rather trendy, however, the picture of charr wearing fur looks a little odd if we’re being straightforward.

No Quarter launches on May 26. Find out more regarding the update on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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