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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, or FFXIV ARR, is a subscription-based pay-to-play 3D fantasy-themed MMORPG from gaming titan, Square Enix. The game was released for Windows, PS3, as well as PS4 on August 27, 2013, and also is a re-launch of the original Final Fantasy XIV which was shut down on November 11, 2012, because of mainly negative reviews. The appropriately called re-launched version featured a different video game engine, spruced up gameplay, improved user interface, and a brand brand-new story.

The events of A Realm Reborn happen in the mythical world of Eorzea, 5 years after the apocalyptic events that ended the initial FFXIV. Players tackle the duty of Warriors of Light, heroes that have actually left behind the destruction by taking a trip in time 5 years into the future. They return to a realm climbing from the ashes and rebuilding from the wake of destruction left behind by Bahamut’s release from his lunar jail while additionally handling the impending danger of invasion from the Garlean Empire to the north.

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Two of the primary styles that belong to the core of any Final Fantasy video game are a terrific soundtrack as well as a stunning atmosphere. A Realm Reborn has both of these types in spades. The original soundtrack can potentially be the very best soundtrack in the history of MMOs. It takes all the legendary songs as well as sounds from the Final Fantasy franchise business and also reworks them for this video game with outstanding success.

Final Fantasy video games have actually been recognized for magnificent graphics that press the limits of whatever device you’re playing it on and also hauntingly stunning background music. The video game’s graphics are spectacular as well as the game world is so incredibly made that there were times when I simply wanted to stop for a while as well as appreciate the landscapes. However, it does take a respectable device to run it.

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The armors look terrific. This video game captured that Final Fantasy feels with the Artifact Armor. While a lot of these items are simply art updates that were initially created for version 1.0 it fits with what a Final Fantasy video game thought to be. The spell effects additionally look first-class as well and if you wind up with a lot of mages and summoners in one place the effects are the best, you can tune them down to your preference.


FFXIV gamers begin their adventures by developing their avatars, or characters if you choose. Players select from 5 races with distinctive functions, such as cat-like looks for the Miqo’te and also pointy elf-ears for the Elezen. Players can likewise play as either man or lady. Then, gamers choose from 2 clans which transforms a little their looks prior to selecting from 8 combat classes that are falling under either Disciple of War or Disciples of Magic.

Classes additionally establish which among the 3 starting cities the player begins in. For hardcore players who want the ideal builds, it’s important to note that different races as well as clans provide different starting stats and might be better suited to some courses. Hyur Highlanders, as an example, have high beginning STR and would certainly make great Lancers as well as Pugilists, while Elezen Duskwights have high INT required by Thaumaturges.

The designers at Square Enix have also mentioned that the stat differences will have very little impact on characters at max level. Also, the way FFXIV’s gameplay is established, you’ll likely be using one avatar throughout the whole video game, so ensure your characters look perfect prior to delving into the game.

The gameplay is the biggest detractor in A Realm Reborn. A problem that was raised in beta and was never addressed is the ability delay in the game. At this point, it would certainly appear that Square Enix has actually simply tossed in the towel as well and said they have actually done the most effective way they can with it. For those that have actually not played the game yet here are a couple of examples. A lot of opponents telegraph that they are most likely to perform a special sort of attack or maneuver. When they do this will certainly have a casting bar as well as they will brighten the ground where the impact is going to happen. Players can run out of this location of impact before the spreading bar finishes as well as still get struck by the spell.

On the contrary side of this, you can run right out of the location before the casting bar completes and not be hit by the effect. Also if this an interruptible spell and it is disrupted after two-thirds of the cast bar has finished the spell will certainly still cast. The majority of people after playing the game for some time get used to utilized to this. This is not something that gamers should need to get used to. This is something that the developers should fix.


FFXIV, like many MMORPGs before it, includes the ever-present, time-tested, albeit boring, breadcrumb quest system that will, once more, have gamers helping out the neighborhood townsfolk with their multitude of duties as well as tasks. These tasks include sending gamers on a wild goose chase eliminating mobs and also accumulating a range of items around the world. The video game also includes gameplay elements that gamers would typically expect from a big-budget MMORPG such as occupations, crafting, mounts, dungeons, raids, and also a gamer housing system, which appears to be the present pattern in MMORPG’s. Mentioning mounts, they can be found in the type of legendary Chocobos which can be leased from significant towns upon reaching level 10.

Other than the regular tasks, FFXIV likewise features FATE missions. FATE means Fully Active Time Event and is a mission that generates randomly throughout the game world. These are marked on the map as quickly as one appears. FATE missions reward Experience points, Gil, the game’s primary currency, as well as GC seals, which gamers can make use of to retrieve items and also services in their respective Grand Companies, A Realm Reborn’s version of factions. Any player in the area can join the FATE pursuit. Benefits are awarded based on the FATE quests’ difficulty and the gamer’s level of involvement in the mission. FATE quests, in addition to dungeons, are a terrific source of experience points when leveling up alternating classes since the majority of the story and also town quests will certainly have been consumed by the time they begin leveling their second as well as third classes.

One more attribute unique to FFXIV is the Armoury Chest. This is where all tools and tools are stored independently from the avatar’s Inventory which is reserved for things, remedies, and crafting materials. FFXIV’s cross-class attribute requires players to have multiple collections of weapons prepared to wear at a moment’s notice. The Armoury Chest was implemented with this in mind. The attribute protects against filling the Inventory with equipment and also decreases the pain of taking care of a limited supply room. The Armoury Chest can be accessed at any time by pressing Ctrl+I.

FFXIV permits gamers to switch over classes by simply gearing up a weapon special to that class. Switching to the Lancer class, for instance, calls for players to use a polearm type weapon, an axe for a Marauder, as well as a bow to switch to the Archer course. Players can alter classes upon completing a primary tale quest around level 13. This likewise opens crafting professions which are additionally taken into consideration as classes in the game. Switching to a new class brings the character back to level 1. Each brand-new class can then be leveled as much as 70, the present level cap. Specialized classes can additionally be unlocked by fulfilling class requirements.

Classes skills are likewise immediately opened upon getting to certain levels. The game formerly had a shared skill system where specific class abilities were functional upon changing classes, however that has since been eliminated from the game. The game’s multi-classing system, on the other hand, stays among Final Fantasy XIV’s greatest features. Gamers do not even need to develop alts as just one character can separately level up each and every single course in the game.


FFXIV gamers can play through the game without once taking part in PVP. If they do not desire to, gamers don’t have to engage in PVP, which is why PVP is only offered in designated PvP locations of the game world. PVP comes in 2 types: the Wolves’ Den as well as Frontlines. The Wolves’ Den is a much more relaxed kind of PVP that pits 4 gamers versus one more group of 4 in instanced levels including staircases, columns, as well as various other challenges that gamers can make use of to their benefit. The first group to get rid of the other team wins. Access to the Wolves’ Den is given by completing a mission together with a player’s guild (Grand Company). Frontlines is different, it involves a large fight of approximately 72 players divided right into three groups of 24 players each. Groups collaborate to capture outposts, eliminate various other gamers, and also eliminate monsters to get points. The first group to reach a particular variety of points wins the battle.


With the abundance of tasks and classes that a gamer can gather as well as level, there should be plenty for a player to do in the near future. Also with one of the deepest crafting systems in a theme park MMO given that Vanguard you can invest unlimited quantities of timing fishing, gathering, and crafting. The storyline is one of the most interesting stories I have seen so far in a game. While the promise of additional content is not taken into consideration when providing the game with the review score, there is already a myriad of content prepared for release in the coming months and a lot of factors for players to be delighted regarding what the video game has in shop for the future. Some of this content will progress the major storyline while others of it will certainly concentrate on ultimately adding in Player vs Player material.

It was great if it wasn’t pay-to-play, however, I think that’s way too much to expect.

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