EvE Online Latest New Fixes for Triglavian Invasion and WAR is coming to EVE, TEST Brakes NIP with Goons

MMOBEEP found out the latest patch notes for EVE Online will bring some new fixes, especially for the ongoing Triglavian invasion.

Specifically, one item focuses on EDENCOM intel concludes that the Triglavian Collective is refocusing its efforts on priority targets.  That might be menacing. There are new changes that add more consistent system eligibility for Final Liminality/Fortress states. Also, new updates for system eligibility for minor victories were implemented. CCP updated the max number of functional Stellar Recon, which was raised from three to six.

UI was improved for Project Discovery subsample proposed outcome and also responses. The patch will include several solutions for gameplay, graphics, audio, as well as UI. Bellow, there are some examples of fixes coming with this patch:

  • It was fixed an issue where users were unable to Log Off when using View Outside Structure functionality.
  • They have fixed an issue that caused some users not to be able to use the Simulate Fitting after they had logged off one character and logged into another.
  • Fixed an issue that caused structure docking accessibility would not correctly switch between characters.

As a side note, a war might start soon between EvE Online’s two most prominent players factions. EvE Online subreddit being assaulted of war propaganda at this moment.

Eve Online Propaganda Do You Want To Live Forever
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