EVE Online Community Gathers Over $100,000 To Aid with Covid-19

EVE Online Community Gathers Over $100,000 To Aid with Covid-19 in the latest MMOBEEP News.

Eve Online players have rallied once again and raised money for a great cause by the means of the EVE PLEX for GOOD program. To date, players have donated more then than $100,000 USD for the cause. Over the past couple of months, players have been giving away PLEX to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund via EVE Online.

Just like the previous PLEX for GOOD projects, as soon as the project is over, CCP Games transform the donated PLEX to its real-world dollar value and donates it in behalf of the EVE community. That said, as a result of the seriousness of COVID-19, CCP has made a decision to expand the campaign through all of June. They’ve additionally kept in mind that based on the players request, a new donation choice is being added to ensure that those who wish to be certain their donation will most likely aid the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (CHS). Which is part of a list of companies currently working to fight COVID-19 that players can currently contribute to.

Obviously, gamers will get something greater than simply that cozy feeling of a kindness well provided for their contribution. CCP Games will be gratifying players with in-game products. Digital Masks are already making their way right into the video game and will be awarded to any person that decides to donate.

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