The Elder Scrolls Online Shows In a New Video the Changes in the Vampire Skill Tree

The Elder Scrolls Online Shows In a New Video the Changes in the Vampire Skill Tree. 

Apart from opening the digital gateways to Skyrim, the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Chapter will come with a free base game update which will include changes to the Vampire and Werewolf skill trees. ZeniMax Online Studios offers players, as well as fans a sneak, peek of the approaching Vampire abilities adjustments in a brand new video.

“Vampires play a pretty prominent role in the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline this year and this gave us the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the skill line and make some long-needed adjustments to improve the overall experience. Our overall focus for these updates was making both the vampire skill line and the overall experience a much more active role.”

According to the dev team, feeding will play a much larger role in Greymoor and will make Vampires extra effective. This implies that players will certainly be feeding upon NPCs a whole lot more. They will, nevertheless, require to be more cautious when doing so as NPCs will react to any type of vampiric activity by calling the guards. Vampires will additionally sustain a bounty ought to be caught with their fangs out.

A new ability called Blood Frenzy will certainly be added with the update, which, when toggled, will boost a Vampire’s power but the downside is that it will slowly drain their health. All Vampire players will immediately have their skill tree converted to the new skill tree when the update goes live.

Take a look at the upcoming Vampire skill adjustments in the video clip below.

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