ESO Live Will Run Through Kyne’s Aegis, The New Greymoor Trial

The Elder Scrolls Online group will go through the brand-new Trial, called Kyne’s Aegis, on their Greymoor-focused ESO Live stream which will start later today.

The stream begins at 4 pm EDT/EST over on the official Twitch network and will certainly include the community team and other stream members as they take on Greymoor’s newest Trial, Kyne’s Aegis. Right here are the members of the group, including their duties:

  • Ninja614 (Tank)
  • Bertferkins (Tank)
  • JebroUnity (Heals)
  • KyleDempsterStudios (Heals)
  • Gina (DPS)
  • Jess (DPS)
  • Matygon (DPS)
  • 0periodproductions (DPS)
  • LuckyGhostTV (DPS)
  • AlcastHQ (DPS)
  • StarDancer (DPS)
  • DacuTV (DPS)

The stream will additionally support UNICEF which is part of the recurring #BethesdaAtHome charity effort. If you want to contribute throughout the stream, simply type “!donate”. Furthermore, Twitch drops will be activated, so connect to your accounts.

In case you missed it, Greymoor’s launch had some issues. The team had actually to carry out maintenance on the NA and also EU servers early Thursday morning to address the issues brought along with the launch on Tuesday.

Besides, Greymoor is scheduled to launch on Google Stadia on June 16, as well as on consoles on June 9.

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