Elder Scrolls Online 5 Ways You Can Get Ready for Greymoor

Elder Scrolls Online 5 Ways You Can Get Read for Greymoor

Zenimax Online Studios has shared 5 methods that you can do to get ready for Greymoor, Elder Scrolls Online’s Approaching chapter, on May 26.

To begin with, the team recommends playing Harrowstorm and the Greymoor Prologue pursuit. Harrowstorm released as DLC previously this year in February and consisted of two dungeons: Icereach as well as Unhallowed Grave. This in fact establishes Greymoor.

The Greymoor Prologue takes you to Blackreach together with Lyris Titanborn
as you embark on an expedition. This prologue in fact leads straight into the
opening mission of the Greymoor chapter, so this ought to help. Oh, and also it’s
totally free by using the “Prologue Quest: The Coven Conspiracy ”
mission starter in the Crown Shop.

The team also recommends you create a Nord and also level them up. Nords have some passive rewards to endurance, health, and other resistances right from the start. As for the goth component, they recommend ornaments, emotes, as well as hairstyles to match the style.

Furthermore, you can end up being a vampire or werewolf, or come across vampires in
Rivenspire. You can do it by allowing a vampire player to bite you, or allowing a blood fiend to attack you. These are discovered in Bangkorai, Reaper March, or The Rift.

Rivenspire area is located in the north part of High Rock. The story there will see you attempting to unite two warring houses to acquire the trust of a vampire clan. Lastly, the team recommends you just explore Eastern Skyrim. Because Greymoor will certainly show out Skyrim much more, discovering the eastern half ought to be a great intro.

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